Discount Windshield Kingwood

Discount Windshield Replacement in Kingwood

Congrats on the commute too!? Welcome to the traffic jam. Now, we know how hazardous Houston driving can be on your windshield…let alone your vehicle or your nerves!Just your luck, huh? Just finished college and started your new job. First of all, congratulations!

Maybe you got behind some big rig with a damaged mud flap or maybe it was one of the lawnmowers along the beltway. However it happened, you now have a huge crack in your windshield. Frustrating, right?

Discount Glass and Windshield Replacement in Kingwood

So, that’s all you need now is an insurance claim and coming up with the deductible, right. Well, windshield replacement can be a lot more affordable than you think!

In fact, you could skip the deductible and the insurance claim that will like raise your rates…you are already considered “high risk” anyway. Skip the claim. Just call Sammy and have him quote you a brand spanking new, shiny windshield for your ride. He services all makes and models of vehicles and can get it done lickity split. Not to mention that he comes to you! That’s right, Sammy is a mobile discount windshield replacement service in Kingwood and the surrounding area.

One Call and Done!

With Sammy’s easy pricing structure your quote can be done with just one phone call. Call him at 281-777-6881 and tell about your car and the extent of damage. He’ll quote you and tell you when you can expect a new windshield replaced, right on your driveway.

Discount Windshield Replacement has never been easier.