Mobile Auto Glass Service Crosby Texas

As many times as you’ve traveled FM 2100 from Huffman to Crosby or Hwy 90 back from Houston, this time was different.

This time you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The road hazard trolls had your number on this day. You have passed those tractors mowing the weeds and grass on the side of the road countless times. But this time was different.

On this particular trip at this particular time that tractor picked up just the right sized laser guided missle and slung it right towards you. You really can’t do anything to avoid it. Don’t blame yourself. Just circumstance.

The Broken Windshield Noise!

You knew the results as soon as you heard that loud pop. The rock hit your windshield and now you have a little spider web crack. Thankfully, you had the windshield to begin with, right? It’s really just proved it’s worth to you.

Soon that little spider web will start to crack. You could probably ignore it for a while. It’s not illegal…as long as it is not obstructing your view. Is does, however, reduce the integrity of the glass and weaken the windshield. Next time it happens, the windshield will not be as strong and therfore less protective.

You might as well start calling around and seeing if you can get a day off so you can get it replaced, right?


Mobile Windshield and Auto Glass Service

A Discount Glass is a mobile service. I come to you. You get to go to work or whatever your daily plans are…go play golf…and I’ll come to your car with the correct windshield and make the replacement there on the spot!

I also work with most other Insurance Companies…Does it get any easier? Pick up the phone and get started today!

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