Windshield Replacement Baytown TX

They seem to come from nowhere. Sometimes flung into the roadway by roadside landscaping. Or fallen from a gravel truck or vibrated off of someones muddy undercarriage. You see them bouncing around on the highway and you’re thinking…”no, not me again!”.

You cringe right before impact even though you know your windshield will protect you from most debris. Then, impact…”Smack!”. The rock hits your windshield and you have a new chip or crack.

You could ignore it for awhile. Sometimes they don’t do anything for months. But, eventually, most windshield chips will end up cracking all the way to the edges.

Some people will tell you that it is illegal in TX to have a cracked windshield. The fact is that it is not a DOT inspection item. The law states that you can not mount or place items onto your windshield that disrupt your view. You could, however, be pulled over if the crack is obstructing your view but not ticketed.

Mobile Windshield Replacement Services

Why not just get it repaired or replaced and not risk it? A Discount Glass automotive windshield and glass replacement services is a mobile windshield replacement service.

Windshield Replacement Serving Baytown, Highlands, Mount Belvieu

From the Dayton, TX office we serve Baytown, Highlands and the Mount Belvieu area. No need to drive all over the place looking at glass shops. You can relax on your couch or get your work done at the office while we replace your windshield for you. Give us a call today and get that cracked windshield replaced.