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Everybody has a story about their cracked windshield. I have heard them all in my years of operating A Discount Glass mobile windshield replacement service.

There’s the one about the gravel truck. You know, the 18 wheelers that always sling rocks all over the place. At least that is what the myth is. But when it happens to you, that makes it truth. Rocks can come from anywhere. A motorcycle can even flick a rock into the air when hit on the edge of the tire.

When it does happen, it’s like a slow motion movie. You see the rock bouncing and spinning on the road surface and it is heading right for you. You can’t swerve out of the way. You just have to concentrate on the road and let the rock hit you.

It’s an awful sound too. Sometimes it starts as a small chip and works itself into a spider crack. Then from there, over the months, the crack grows as your windshield is heated from the sun during the day and cooled over night. Constantly expanding and contracting, ever so slightly.

Is it Illegal to Drive with a Broken Windshield?

No, it’s not. The law says that you can not place or mount anything that obstructs your view. In fact, the annual inspection does not include an item for windshield cracks. Just as long as it does not damage the windshield wipers. Those are inspected.

So what do you do about it? Do you drive all over Huffman, Crosby or across to Humble to find a shop to replace it? Frankly, that is a waste of time. Once you find shop you’ll have to make an appointment and go back, drop off your car, truck, SUV, big rig…and have someone pick you up. That’s a lot of unnecessary hassle!

Mobile Windshield Repair and Replacement Huffman/Crosby

Skip the hassles of windshield replacement shops. My shop is on four wheels. We come to you. You keep working, watching or playing with the kids. Heck, go to the movies! I’ll work right there in the parking lot while you enjoy the latest action movie.

A Discount Glass, (281)777-6881…that’s all you need to do. One call and we’ll get you set up for a windshield replacement at your convenience.