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Big Vehicle, Expensive Windshield. Fact or Myth?

Many repair shops see you coming!

They have a mentality, really. Big car, big repair bill. They see you driving in in your big, decked out SUV and they think…”Ka-Ching!”.

Well, don’t let that happen to you. Your SUV is really based on a pickup truck underneath. The Suburbans and Tahoes are based on Chevy Silverado 1500 and 2500 trucks. The windshields are not that different. Same goes for Explorers and Excursions. Underneath they are F150s and F250s. Again the windshields are very similar.

The truth is: Other companies may try to get more from you based on what you drive and not the true cost of the material plus their labor. It happens in this industry and it happens in many other industries too.

That is a practice that I despise and would never adopt those principles here at A Discount Glass!

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Where you live and what you drive should never affect your price. My mobile service provides the same honest service to all my customers. The price of a windshield is what it is. OEM equipment or aftermarket, a BMW X5 SUV windshield and a Mercedes ML350 SUV windshield may cost me more than an Explorer or Tahoe windshield. That’s the cost of goods dictated by the automotive supply industry.

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Installation cost varies a little bit based on the built in features of the equipment but, not that much. Built in antennas, rain sensors, etc. just take a few extra seconds to hook up. I’ll always use the top notch sealants so that you’ll get an installation guaranteed not to leak or create wind noise.

In all honesty, your vehicle will get my full attention and you’ll get my best service regardless of your vehicle, location or any other demographic. I’ll price your automotive glass fairly and treat you fairly. I want your business and I’d like your referral when I am finished. Call me today to talk about your options for SUV glass replacement service.

Call Me: 281-777-6881